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However, every family is unique.

And my rate is not set in stone.

The fee we agree to will take my time, energy, training, and experience into account and balance this with your family’s situation and needs.

If the cost of a doula is a barrier to having the birth you would like, let’s talk about it.  I may be able to lower the fee, offer a payment plan, barter or point you to resources you may find helpful.




Our doula-client relationship starts with a free 30-40 minute interview. This gives us a chance to get to learn about each other and to discuss what's most important to you in doula support.

1-2 Prenatal Visits

Prenatal visits last 1.5-2.5 hours, and we aim to meet twice before you have your baby. We use this time for pregnancy support and preparing for labor and postpartum.

Unlimited Phone and Email Support

From the moment you hire me to 3 months postpartum, I will be available by phone and email for any birth, labor or postpartum consulting. This may include emotional support, help finding information, help with advocacy, or pointing you to a specialist.

I will also ask for permission to periodically check in on how you, your pregnancy, and your family are doing.

On Call from 36-42 Weeks

During this period I am ready to answer a call or text 24/7, in case you are in labor, or have any time-sensitive questions.

Continuous Support During Labor

Often labor starts off slowly, and we'll have a few hours or even days of intermittent support by phone, before it picks up. Once you're ready for continuous support, I will stay by your side through labor, birth, and a few hours postpartum. - long enough to help you get situated for some peaceful rest.

Postpartum Visit

We try to have a postpartum visit in the first or second week after birth, depending on your needs and availability. These visits are completely individualized based on clients' needs, but the aim is always to make this time of transition smoother emotionally and practically.